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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 1, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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joining us. >> our other top story, storms moving through the bay area, bringing rain, wind, hail, thunder and lightning. >> yes. we've just received word the axe's game has been rained out. the makeup game will be tomorrow at 6:00 p.m . >> let's take a look now on the left. you can see green and some yellow indicating rain. ask on the right, our camera where you can see the affect the rain is having on the evening commute >> marble-sized chunks of hail in the bay area today. video now from pittsberg. you can see the thufrng slamming into his house. in the sky, pockets of storm clouds swept lieu the bay area, time lapse video shows a rain band moving across the eastern side of the bay. >> you can see what one rain band felt like on the ground umbrellas forcing people to scramble for cover we have live team coverage of the storm including jonathan
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bloom we're going to begin with spencer christian. and live doppler 7 hd. >> taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have rain, showers covering the entire bay area. so some areas are stormier than others the east bay getting the stormiest weather of we've got lightning strikes along interack and south ward. into the south bay we've got a wide area of steady rainfall with heavy down pours strong winds and small hail stones as you may have witnessed. this is the movement of a continue continuing to push eastward. we're seeing thunderstorm
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patterns continuing to push central valley. i'll show you what is coming up next later. >> thank you. >> rain came down hard in the east bay z there is more lightning again today. and problems from weather. abc7 news is live in moraga tonight with our coverage from that part of the bay area. jonathan? >> rain still coming down here. and you know there is something else with it. in most parts of the country, thunder and lightning just a fact of life. >> it came from the sky. >> i thought, i don't know. maybe aliens at first. i was. >> scott just needed to ask his dad what
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>> all right. everything went down. >> the lightning had struck this pole, knocking out power to 3,000 people here. a pg&e lineman told us 900 were still without power. >> so i called pg&e twice. they're saying it won't be back until 9:00 p.m tonight. >> line crews were all over the area replacing fuses and restringing wires. maybe electricity coming back on. >> playing candy crush on his phone is the only thing, we have a connection. >> your dad stole the phone to play candy crush? >> yes. yes. that is about it. that is why i was sleeping >> if you're not in the smart phone generation it's no big deal. >> we had to move from our
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cooker pot to stove top and use gas to cook dinner, we'll be all right. >> have no fear. comcast is here dropping off back up generators most modems have batteries so they'll be back up before lights are on. >> i'll be working on my taxes i can use a lap top. it's on a battery. it's not a problem. >> so power outage didn't save you from taxes? >> afraid not. >> let's check out live from san francisco international airport the airport is reporting 113 cancellations of delays up to an hour and a half right now. san jose airport says it's operating on schedule. >> regulars cue teams continuing
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to scour back country near a ski resort searching for a snow owe boarder the thanman was with his father when the two were separated. wayne? >> his name is abraham finkelstein. he's 25, still on the mountain behind me. they're changing shifts now. they're coming down, another crew going up. >> it's been very cold >> it's probably as hard as it gets. >> the 25-year-old is some wrshgs up there on castle peak in the white, cold snowy sierra. heerj lost, or unable to move after turning back yesterday well on an excursion with his father. >> his dad said they're hiking
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for the day. they decided with winds and weather that it's best they turn around on their descend back down the hill. dad made it down. his son did not >> his father was back on the mountain with 20 other people. searching through 4 and 5 foot snow drifts. for a sign or a clue. >> human spirit. he's got to use smarts out there. and this is imminent danger. >> the right thing to build a snow cave. if he's not sure, hunker down, wait for help. >> it's hard to limit the area we're searching. we're focusing on drainage ditches because those are natural barriers. >> there are no plans to give up on this search.
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they'll press on through tomorrow. in nevada county, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> have video now from caltrans, look at the road just covered with snow. this is interstate # 0. just covered with all kinds of snow. the roads easier to navigate. you can use hiv doppler seven hd on our weather the fire started around 5:30 on castillo street the fire department tells us there are reports of explosions in the fire and witnesses say
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one person we are live with a report later in this newscast. so stay tuned. >> this evening, grand jury indicted pg&e on charges following the deadly natural gas explosion in 200. eight people died after an underground transmission line ruptureed and triggered a fire storm the indictment claims pg&e knowingly and willingly violated the natural gas pipeline safety act and says pg&e failed to address problem was record keep asking did not identify danger wind advisories its pipelines. pg&e just released this video statement. >> san bruno is a tragic accident. we're deeply sorry. we want all of our customers and families to know nothing will distract us on a mission to
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transform this into the safest and most-reliable in the country. >> pg&e faces 12 charges if found guilty can be fined half a million dollars for each of the 12 violations >> detectives want to know whether a body found in a wrecked car today is a missing elderly man from san rafael. patrol officers discovered the car near balinas today a check of the license plates shows it's registered to this man, a 93-year-old robert davis. davis vanished after having dinner with his daughter at joe's restaurant february 26th. his family offered a $5,000 reward in hopes of finding him. >> a power ball winner stepped forward to claim his $42 million prize. take a look.xd he purchased the ticket at dixon
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landing station this february. he plans to set up a chairitable foundation that focuses on child health. >> there is more still head including developments in the corruption bust that snareded state senator leland yee. >> plus a rescue in the sierra. a runner missing since sunday is found alive. >> and there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. spencer christian is back with the accu-weather forecast on the storm. stay with us.
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>> the attorney for the man prosecutors called a central figure in the racketeering conspiracy against leland yee says his man was ensnared by the fbi. keith jackson appeared owed today for a bail hearing. >> keith jackson is a political fund-raiser and close confident yaunt of leland yee in hoping to be released the judge continued hearings. among the serious crimes, murder for hire. >> he's not guilty of anything. >> outside of court, his lawyer said his client was a community activist who is a danger to no
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one. he says the fbi under cover agents were quote, trolling for someone to prosecute, and that they ensnared his client. >> trolling is you get the boat you just look for anyone. and they did that. >> he says the charges are in his words unreal. >> there is no murder. there is no body, no corpse. it was in the mind of an fbi agent. >> the prosecutor called keek jackson a flight right after this sxk a danger to the community he said the campaign fund-raiser was quote, a one-man crime wave, that everything was caught on tape the federal complaint says jackson was involved in drugs and weapons trafficking and murder for hire. jackson has no criminal record but his co-conspir store served time in federal prison for racketeering. when he got out, he became active in chien twa youn politics saying he was a reformed man. >> unfortunately there is nothing i heard which was
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particularly surprising. >> that is because supervisor president saw the dark side of so called shrimp boy. five years ago, when he became manager of the night market, hsu called on gavin newsom to pull city funding because of involvement. >> given a new player that are allegedly involved, i have questions about what has been the most. >> angry chow took out this ad saying hsu is like a corpse eating a vegetarian dinner. >> yes. he did attack me publicly he personally threatened me he came after me. and the police thought it was important for a period of time to provide police protections >> that police protection lasted six months. vic lee, abc7 news. >> oakland police have stepped up patrols around a school they
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say a girl was sexual assaulted last week on friday, as school is letting out. police say a man lured a 6-year-old girl away and sexually abused her in his truck. he is hispanic and may have a tattoo of a horse face on his left calf. police are gating whether is a connection between this and two other swaults of small children near schools this year. >> pleasant hill police are hoping this photo will help them capture a man suspected in two groping incidents. he is described as hispanic in his 40s last seen wearing a light blue wind breaker and jeans. latest attack happened when a 16-year-old high school student was grabbed on her backside. a similar incident took place on monday involving a different girl. >> well, there is a happy ending in a search for a man who
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vanished. he braved elements after spending two nights in the snowy and frigid >> these are his family and friends when they heard the news that is the lieu tenant in charge of finding the missing hiker. that, after close to 50 hours gone, and more than 100 volume hundred tears, the first thing he got was this. >> richard is a running friend sunday a group of runners were on the trail. they lost bob around #:30.
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>> he was in the group in back then, we took off, he took off from the group. >> everyone feared the worst. >> just kind of hunkered up under bushes at night time. and that is how he survived for a few nights. just an amazing story. incredible. >> just energizer bunny we knew he'd -- amazing. thank you. >> the smile says enough but before getting into the ambulance he wanted everyone know >>... i'm thankful thank you very much. >> most people thought he was going to die out here, there are hundreds of people here
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searching. about 105 volunteers here, many from marin county. and root was taken to the hochlt we're told he's going to be just fine. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> those stories don't often turn out this way. >> no. goose bumps and i'm glad he's okay. >> crazy weather here >> it has been wild. all day. thunderstorms and hail stones. bouncing ice. we still have stormy weather across the bay area. thunderstorms towards bethel island, brentwood. that area earlier, and a's game tonight against indians cancelled because of steady soaking rains in oakland. as a matter of fact in the area of the coliseum, rain continues
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to fall. so showing you movement of the stormy weather continuing to push eastward behind those areas of storms we have trailing showers here is a live view from our camera looking out over the bay. and towards the bay bridge. 50s in oakland. another live view here at abc 7 cloudy skies over the bay. temperatures mid to upper 40s in santa rosa. and five # in livermore. taking a look at our forecast we'll continue to see showers during overnight hours. partial clearing tomorrow, now,
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here is a satellite radar composite image. it's stormy weather ahead of the trof. that is moving through this evening. and after storms and break up we'll have pockets of showers continuing foo early tomorrow morning then into afternoon we'll get partial clearing. looking ahead, rainfall totals by that time should be half an inch to three quarters of an inch. and to our south a winter weather advisory in effect until 5:00 in the morning. 2 to 5 inches of snow expected above 3,000 feet. so winter weather pushes south ward. low temperatures dropping into upper 30s inland valleys
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low to mid-40s over the bay area. then, tomorrow, we'll get sun breaking through. there is a slight chance of showers. we're going to get sunny skies and high temperatures into low 80s so going from winter storms to almost summer-like warmth. >> regular spring-time service. >> right. >> coming up a protest launching another fwoogel rush in san francisco >> public hearing over the fate of a program to regulate private shuttles that and more as we continue.
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today workers tackled a job of cleaning up damage from yesterday's storm. witnesses say the tree exploded when lightning struck it. the tree fell on to at least three houses it also toppled power lines. yesterday's lightning strike did more than just shatter windows. one homeowner says the surge blew out several of the computers and modems. an electrician was out this
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morning the opener shorted out. contractors are there. >> when lightning does strike national weather service says remember the 30-30 rule. part one when you see lightning count seconds until you hear thunder, less than 30 seconds means the storm is close enough to be dangerous the second part of the 30-30 rule is # minutes how long you should wait to leave a shelter after hearing a last chap of thunder. permanent structures are actually the best protection. things like sheds not substantial enough to give you protections >> never take chances. >> there is more head here including first atm in california, how it's bringing virtual currency bit coin into the real world. >> real rosie the riveters get a
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surprise at the white house. >> and here is a look at live doppler seven hd. stay with us. more to bring you.
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we'll begin updating breaking news from chile. so far, u.s. officials say there is no threat of a tsunami striking the coastline. or any states along pacific. here is some video from television the earthquake struck off the pacific coast of chile. there are no reports of injuries or damage though some roads have been closed by landslides. authorities have ordered evacuations in coastal areas in case of a tsunami. that is an 8.8. strongest ever recorded on earth is 9.5. hitting an area rocked by a number of quakes just in two weeks we're staying on the story and
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updating it. >> and storms owing through the bay area brought a mix of measure, take a look. we want to show you something not your typical rain shower. wow. abc7 viewer sent us this video. you can see is it's there pelting the walkway. rain causing driving conditions. drivers had to deal with this down pour. san francisco got a soaking. all day, and suddenly a quick but powerful blast catching people och guard. >> this rain is great we need it. but sdriet the rain, california facing a drought this summer. state officials measured snow pack today it came in at just 32% of normal. the state measures snow pack every month and april 1st measurement provides a snap shot of how much water will be available. just three #% of nornl.
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california just had a third dry winter. >> a proposal for an 18-month pilot project to regulate so called google buses moved to the board of supervisors today, one bus was blocked by pro testers and costume dancers this morning. the supervisors are taking testimony and are expected to vote. >> after years without a formal policy, san francisco's transportation agency wants to begin regulating shuttles. like tech buses that pick up and drop off workers at stops. >> the private buses have become a growing source of tension. like this one today, in the mission neighborhood. mta proposes to charge the shuttles # per stop, per day as a pilot program set to begin
6:33 pm
july 1st. but a coalition says the program can't go forward without an environmental review. and they're appealing to the board of supervisors >> when you delay muni, that is considered >> the way to blame higher tech workers for skyrocketing costs of living the head of a local merchant sogs beliefs believes it's misplaced. >> we're not a bunch of haters >> she says the concern is environmental, according to their appeal includes displacement of people and housing and low income communities. according to the director a
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lengthy review will delay if not doom, the project. >> and kind of unregulated ad hoc experience now would more or less continue. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a new kind of atm made it's debut in silicon valley today. it allows people to buy, and sell bit coin. how this may help spread the use of the occurrency. >> it takes a different kind of atm to let people buy, or sell bit coin. one step required is a scan of the palm. >> using a palm feature. i don't think anything could be wrong with it. >> you don't think it will get on the wrong hands? >> no. >> the goal to make it accessible to more people. more atms are deployed.
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>> in october, and subsequently, they have launched austin, boston, here, california and ten overseas so they're expanding. >> as you can see on the atm screen, the value fluke 2008s. it's priced up $1,000 p december. trading at $458 dropping $100 when the irs decided users must pay taxes on appreciation when spent. mark nicole says this will require users to keep better records. it may lead to state sales taxes on bit coin purchases. despite that, the deployment has users hopeful use will owe grow. >> now, there is, like 80,000 or so transactions per day. you know? this could push it past a million. it's just making the economy grow. >> chris clark is the mayor of mountain view.
6:36 pm
home to the bit coin atm. >> current form of weather. the fact people are now innovating in this area. it's important. i wanted to be a part of it >> in mountain view. abc7 news. >> we're getting new video from yesterday's white house visit by six rosie the riveters from the bay area. we worked in richmond during world war ii. they became electricians and welders they had been asking for recognition by the white house for decades. vice president biden invited them. president obama got the surprise. >> i want -- >> oh. >> i saw you sneak a kiss.
6:37 pm
on the lips with the president. >> i kissed. that is a rosie for you. >> the six women enjoyed that experience. to learn more you can visit home front national park near old forward assembly plant. >> adorable. >> love that. >> just ahead when good foods go bad. >> teeming up with consumer reports to reveal seemingly healthy foods anything but nutritious.
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♪ >> update on breaking news in san francisco. >> firefighters tell us one person was killed, sadly in the fire. four people are injured. >> leanne? >> neighbors telling us this evening they heard a large explosion the fire department telling us
6:41 pm
up with person died inside of the house according to a neighbor it was an elderly woman the house is on san francisco daily city border firefighters responded the house pretty damaged here is what the assistant chief told us. >> heavy smoke showing from the front and rear of the building people had jumped so we had medical responsibility of the people within the building. >> four people sent to the hospital now we don't know their condition firefighters are not telling us. right now, firefighters are cleaning up what remains of this
6:42 pm
fire. >> thank you very much >> more to bring you, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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we try to do the right thing when we eat, right? consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side for what is healthy in the grocery aisle. >> yes. >> there is a growing problem. good food gone bad we're not talking about rotten meat these are once-healthful foods turned into something that is no longer so good for you. air popped popcorn is full of fiber. but the money you soup it up with sugar, salt, cheese, that is when you run into a problem and take a snack, and make it unhealthy. >> jif has come out with hazel
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nut chocolate. check the label. leading ingredients are sugar and vegetable oil. white turkey and chicken meat are some of the best sources of low fat protein but if you buy it packaged, watch for added sodium. just two ounsz has 510 milligrams. 21% of the daily limit. low-fat yogurt is another healthful food look out if it's topped with chocolate balls or cookie crumbles. and we ware of packaged smooth yeez >> when you read nutrition facts you find out it's about 500 calories per bottle and 34 grams of sugar. >> you're better off making your own or topping your yogurt with
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fresh fruit. you can control the sugar. consumer reports says something else, be wary of it. supermarket veggie chips they can have as much fat and sodium as potato chips so you've got to read >> i have to throw those out now. >> rain all over the bay area been a wet, stormy day. a little bit of a break now. the coast is clearing briefly around rio vista.
6:48 pm
part of the santa cruz mountains you can see things are beginning to clear out a little bit for now. tomorrow, mainly dry day. snow falls in the sierra. here in the bay area we'll clear out around mid day. high temperatures into low 60s into mildest locations. clearing out for weekend. we'll get mild to warm weather saturday through tuesday. so going to warm up nicely. >> this helped but we're still in the drought. >> yes. every bit helps but we're so far
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behind. it's impossible to counsel yeef of catching up. >> some golf. masters coming up. >> without tiger. >> fasters yeah, only weeks away. tiger woods going to be a spectator. latest set back for him, this one requires surgery. sports is coming up next. bhap be... better... than... slice... after... slice... of... america's... best... sharp... cheddar? nothing.
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good evening. the first game at 12:35. so the debut pushed back for a day. he'll take on the indians able to resurrect his career with a owe-nine record haft year. he's ready to face his old buddies. knew there would be trash talk going on. just going to stay focused and play my game. >> world series champion red sox
6:53 pm
visiting the white house. highlight is big poppy. please come here and pose for me. so we can do a selfie. a few years ago seemed like just a matter of time before tiger woods caught and passed jack nicholas. now, you wonder if tiger will win one more major. wooz sending out this tweet sad to say i'm missing the masters thanks for kind wishes the 38-year-old had to withdraw because of back spasms he had a procedure removing a part of a herniated disc pressing on a nerve. normal recovery time is 4
6:54 pm
months. final six games are critical to playoff positioning. sharks tuning up for edmundton. oilers are dangerous, they're not a playoff team this year. >> good team. >> the opponents and chasing anaheim, there has been no rest for the weary. >> all of us are through it now. and have got to get back at it. >> sharks with four of the last
6:55 pm
six at home. there is a playoff opt at the tank. >> we've got to finish on a good note. and feeling good. so cliche but it's try to get better. warriors in dallas. jordan crawford weaving through defense here. yes. three, warriors up one #, early. 22 at the half. women's elite 8 stanford hosting north carolina now.
6:56 pm
tar heels couldn't miss, early. stanford down at half time. what is a home game for them. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> join me tonight at 9:00, we're continuing to watch the coast of chile tonight. then, abc7 news at 11:00 heavy rain bringing lightning, thunder and hail. are we p for a soggy morning commute? >> agents of shields followed by goldbergs, trophy wife and resurrection. and just visit watch for
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details and down load the free app. >> works great. >> that is it for this edition of abc # news. our breaking news continues on twitter. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's former champions from our third decade. she is a history professor who won seven games last year in season 29. from milan, michigan, please welcome... he was a graduate student in computer science living in newark, delaware, when he set the single-day cash-winnings record and went on to win the 2011 tournament of champions. now he's a data scientist from brooklyn, new york. please welcome... and he is a chemical engineer who won the 2010 tournament of champions. he's now consulting in renewable energy. from chatham, new jersey... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard. if today's game is as entertaining and as exciting as yesterday's match was -- the one that was won by colby -- then you folks are in for a great half-hour. stephanie, roger, and vijay, welcome back. let's go to work. here comes the jeopardy! round, and here come the categories for this first round of play. we start off with... you have to complete the country's two-word name. vijay, start us. the "aught"s, $200. vijay. what is fraught? that's it. "aught"s, $400. roger. what is distraught?


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